Sunday, July 28, 2013

Houston, We Have a Problem

My Google Glass hit a snag today. The glass portion has become very loose and will not stay in one spot. If I move it to adjust the screen, it flops back down and doesn't stay. Phooey! There was no injury to Glass itself. I treat them like a newborn baby. It started when I simply went to move the screen gently.

I called Tech Support and spoke to a very helpful young man who is on the case. Here's a video explaining the problem that I sent to Google. (My kids make a cameo). :)

I'll keep you guys posted as to the process of getting a replacement or having them fixed!

-Jennifer McKelvey


  1. Oh dear. Hope that this is quickly sorted.

  2. Yep! Talked to Google several times today and they are shipping me a new pair. I'll return the broken ones when the new set gets here! Awesome customer service!