Tuesday, July 9, 2013

This Is Getting Fun!

Yesterday I blogged about my experience getting Google Glass. Now that I am home and have had some quality time getting used to them, I have been taking advantage of how Glass allows me to capture the fun times with my kids. They find it very cool to look at a video playback of what I see when I look at them. Yesterday I took a few videos of my smallest as she was swinging. The cool thing about Google Glass is that when you're using it, your kid makes eye contact with you. When you're filming with a cell phone, you aren't looking at your kid. You're looking at the screen. I love the freedom of being hands free and still capturing moments like this.

Today, I caught a little impromptu dance party in the minivan. I was listening to the 90's on 9 channel on Sirius XM. Boyz II Men came on and my kids were jamming. If I hadn't had Glass on, I would have had to run around the car to the driver's side door to get my phone and the moment would have been gone.

As we arrived home, I noticed that the sky was looking kind of scary as thunder rolled in the distance. I looked up through Glass and got this shot of the fast moving dark clouds.

I am finding that the camera option seems to be the biggest chunk of my Glass use. As more apps become available I look forward to seeing what else I find useful.

Hope you guys enjoyed the videos & storm photo! I'll post more tomorrow. There's no telling with my crew what I may capture with my Google Glass!

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