Wednesday, July 10, 2013

And Then She Fell From Her Stage

I have 3 kids. Their ages are eight, six, and two. They are all in different stages. My oldest, Taylor, is a girlie girl. I swear there was a mixup at the hospital or something. I am such a tomboy that it's hard to believe that something so prissy came out of me. If she didn't look exactly like me I think I would ask for a DNA test. :) She's an old soul who has such a giving heart. I have never seen as much compassion in such a small child as I do in her.

My son, Mason, is a boy's boy. He's athletic, a whiz at XBox, and a tender soul who has his feelings hurt easily. He's also the family comedian who keeps me laughing all day long. His "Masonism's" as we call them are regularly posted to my Facebook for all to enjoy. In fact, tonight, he asked me if he could try and trick the Tooth Fairy with a huge shark tooth we got at the beach last week.

My youngest, Sara Rose, is my tomboy with a bit of girlie mixed in. She's loving and tough. She can football tackle her brother. She looks exactly like her Daddy. In the South, we say, "She looks like her Daddy chewed her up and spit her out". (A way of saying she's the spitting image of him). She's at that cute stage where the world is her audience. I caught this video today of her putting on a show for me. She loves to sing and dance. And, given the fact that she's two and was wearing her sister's shoes, she fell. Google Glass caught it all.

No worries - she was fine. No tears were shed and this type thing happens on a daily basis around here since the child has absolutely no fear. I have no clue what she was singing. Again, another cute moment captured through Google Glass. In fact, she has watched the video over and over tonight and has laughed until she had tears in her eyes.

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